by Loren Edelstein | August 11, 2010

The NBTA Foundation, in partnership with StarCite, announced the development of a new model for strategic meetings management programs, intended to help companies identify where they stand in the SMMP implementation process and how to progress to the next level. “The model builds on the strategies for success outlined in a suite of industry-leading papers by the NBTA Groups & Meetings Committee, as well as the collective expertise of strategic meetings management practitioners, many of whom were consulted during development,” said Steve Singh, chair of the NBTA Foundation Board of Trustees. Based on a framework for software development created at Carnegie Mellon University, and incorporating the results of industry research and focus groups, the SMM Maturity Model is structured to allow companies to gauge their current progress in each essential category of an SMMP, such as policy, strategy, meeting registration, sourcing, planning, payment, technology and reporting. NBTA will incorporate the model, when available, into the Strategic Meetings Management Certification (SMMC) program. The program could roll out before the end of this year, said a representative of NBTA’s Groups & Meetings Committee.