by Allen J. Sheinman | August 13, 2010

The list


1. Oct. 1, 1932: The New York Yankees' Babe Ruth "calls his shot" in the fifth inning of Game 3 of the World Series at Wrigley Field in Chicago; legend has it that the Bambino boldly reared his index finger at the center field bleachers, but the sole bit of surviving film from the game shows a somewhat more flickered hand gesture that might mean...anything. 

2. Oct. 3, 1951: At bat against pitcher Ralph Branca of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Bobby Thompson hits a dramatic ninth-inning, game-ending dinger, dubbed the "Shot Heard ‘Round the World," to win the National League pennant for the New York Giants.

3. Sept. 28, 1960: All-time great Boston Red Sox slugger Ted Williams hits a mighty four-bagger in his last-ever time at bat; in his typical aloof manner, the Splendid Splinter quickly rounds the bases and disappears into the Sox dugout, declining to take a career-ending curtain call before screaming fans.

4. Oct. 13, 1960: The Pittsburgh Pirates' Bill Mazeroski hits a home run in the bottom of the ninth that breaks a 9-9 tie against the Yankees; the clout becomes the first four-bagger ever to win a World Series.

5. Oct. 1, 1961: New York Yankee Roger Maris hits his 61st home run, which remains the single-season record among players never suspected of using banned performance-enhancing substances.

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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