by By Allen J. Sheinman | September 01, 2010
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What was the weirdest request you've had to deal with?

"One time during a meeting, a CEO I used to report to asked me to drive to a certain store, pick up a life-size medieval statue in a suit of armor, bring it back in my rented Mustang convertible and get the bellmen to help me wheel it on a luggage cart down to the conference room and set it up for dinner."

Julie Dinnerman, CMP
Vice President, Events and Sales
Amber Ready Inc.
Rockaway, N.J.

"As a new meeting planner at one of my first events, I had a VIP tell me on departure day that he was too busy to pack and asked if I would mind helping him out. He then handed me his room key and walked away. I'll never forget how uncomfortable it was to fold and pack a complete stranger's personal items -- yes, even his underwear. It taught me, however, how to say no when required."

Andrea Berry
Manager, Events and Hospitality Services
Oakland Schools
Waterford, Mich.

"Several years ago, an attendee asked me to book an additional room during an incentive program, which he was attending with his wife, but to make sure that it was as far as possible from his first room, and not to mention it in any communications -- because the second room was for his girlfriend."

Sara W. Davis, CMP
New York City