October 22, 2010
The list

The Weather Channel voted these the top 10 locations for winter weather based on last year's cold season. (The idea was to cite places with real, but nice, winters.)

10. Boston (cloudy and chilly, but avoided last year's record-setting snowfall just to the south)
9. Los Angeles (except for some El Nino-related rain, not bad at all)
8. Fairbanks, Alaska (a cold eastern U.S. winter usually means a mild season here, and that's what happened in '09-'10)
7. Denver (chilly temps, "but a winter without any crippling snowstorms is a win in our book," said the Weather Channel)
6. Alpena, Mich. (uncharacteristically benign last year; can it repeat?)
5. Spokane, Wash. (with just 13.7 inches, last year's was one of the city's least snowy winters ever)
4. Honolulu (much less rain than usual here, and not one "Kona storm")
3. Portland, Ore. (last Jan./Feb. saw an average mean temperature of 45.8 F; hey, that's not so mean)
2. Taos, N.M. (snowy, but spectacular skiing)
1. Seattle (last winter had 64 days with warmer-than-average temps, including the city's warmest January on record)

Source: The Weather Channel; weather.com

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