by By Allen J. Sheinman | November 01, 2010
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What hotel charge do you find most annoying?


"The most annoying for me are Internet charges in meeting rooms. I just did a meeting where the cost was $1,500 for the first line and $250 to add wireless -- and the bandwidth for the wireless was quite limited. The same hotel has free wireless in the lobby, just one floor below. Yes, I can negotiate free Internet in guest rooms, but for meeting space it is often more challenging."

Karen Brooks
Meeting Planner
Gant Travel

"My most annoying charge is for ‘dropping the screen' from the ceiling in a meeting room. There is only about five seconds of labor involved in pressing the button to have the screen lowered."

Sherry Benzmiller, CMP
Project Manager/Meeting Planner
Energy Center of Wisconsin
Madison, Wis.

"Here are a few: Charging for Internet in the meeting room and sleeping rooms when the entire property is wireless. Charging to re-key a room. Charging a small group extra for what's normally a prix fixe menu in the hotel restaurant."

Lynne C. Bynder, CMP
Meetings Xceptional
Palm Desert, Calif.

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