by Allen J. Sheinman | November 19, 2010
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There was a time when their planes were as familiar as morning coffee; you might recall some of their advertising jingles, and you can find their faded logos on old vinyl carryalls and ashtrays in flea markets or on eBay. They speak of a time when flying was exciting, and you felt pampered even to sit in coach. Here are some once-great names in American aviation that slowly are receding into the misty clouds of memory.

1. Allegheny Airlines (1952-1979)
2. Aloha Airlines (1939-1968)
3. Braniff International Airways (1926-1982)
4. Eastern Air Lines (1926-1991)
5. Frontier Airlines (1950-1986)
6. Mohawk Airlines (1952-1988)
7. Northwest Airlines (1927-2010)
8. Ozark Airlines (1943-1986)
9. Pan American World Airways (1927-1991)
10. Trans World Airlines (1930-2001)

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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