by Michael J. Shapiro | November 24, 2010
The National Business Travel Association supports new security measures enacted by the Transportation Security Administration to "narrow the window of threats," according to executive director Mike McCormick, with a recent member survey indicating the majority supports the enhanced screening procedures. Support isn't overwhelming, however; while 81 percent of 934 travel professionals surveyed said they would accept the new procedures for air travel, only 54 percent actually support the procedures, and 27 percent oppose them. Nearly one-fifth (19 percent) of respondents neither support nor oppose the procedures, which include full body scans and a more thorough pat-down process. "Business travel professionals are realistic about the threats to our aviation system and understand the TSA's remit to protect the traveling public," said McCormick in a statement. "However, they are also concerned about security measures that may add delays and disruptions to an already challenging travel security process." Public protests, in which passengers refuse to submit to enhanced screening, have been discussed in the mass media and on public Internet forums, and could take place today, interrupting Thanksgiving travel.