by Allen J. Sheinman | December 10, 2010

The list

1. The North Yungas Road, Bolivia. This 43-mile stretch that connects La Paz and Coroico is a single-lane nightmare snaking along mountain cliffs and prone to slippery mud and blinding fog. No wonder its nickname is "El Camino de la Muerte" ("Road of Death").
2. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China. The hairpin turns would seem scary enough, but it's the constant threat of rock avalanches and landslides that really puts the knot in your stomach.
3. The James Dalton Highway, Alaska.
This 414-mile ordeal begins just north of Fairbanks and ends somewhere near the Arctic Ocean. Bring chains for your tires and instructions for next of kin.
4. The Halsema Highway, Philppines. Running through the Central Cordillera Valley on the island of Luzon, this 150-mile long mud trough is a real obstacle course -- the obstacles being overturned vehicles like yours. For an added jolt of adrenaline, some mountain passages skirt sheer drop-offs while eschewing those pesky guardrails.
5. The Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk. At best, mind you, a frostbitten slog to Nowheresville. 

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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