by Allen J. Sheinman | January 07, 2011

The list

1. The Big Lebowski Fan Club ( For fans of the Coen Brothers' 1998 cult movie starring Jeff Bridges in the title role. Members banter about philosophical concepts such as the Tao of Dude.
2. The Apostrophe Protection Society ( Devoted to preserving the use of "this currently much-abused punctuation mark." British, of course.
3. Flying Funeral Directors of America ( For funeral directors who also happen to be licensed airplane pilots. The group "is primarily a social organization which enables us to participate in two activities which are very much a part of our lives: funeral service and aviation."
4. The Giga Society ( Bills itself as "the world's most exclusive high I.Q. Society." To join, you must score more than a 195 on the club's officially recognized I.Q. Test. "In theory, one in a billion individuals can qualify," says club literature, and indeed, at present the society boasts just six members.
5. The Handlebar Club ( Members sport the namesake mustaches (beards are not allowed) and meet socially "for sport and general conviviality."
6. The Ejection Tie Club ( With more than 5,615 members (about a dozen of them women) worldwide, the club requires joiners to have been fired out of a military plane via ejection seat, or, as one wag put it, "it's a club where you have to get thrown out to be allowed in."
7. The Brotherhood of Light ( "A society for spiritual counseling and guidance in the afterlife during the process of reincarnation."

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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