by Allen J. Sheinman | April 01, 2011

If your meeting takes place anywhere near these singular institutions, run. Toward them, that is.

1. The Ava Gardner Museum (, Smithfield, N.C. Here is a collection of costumes, posters, awards, china, jewelry, clothing and fine art, all owned by or otherwise associated with the glamorous movie star. We're intrigued by a special exhibit of some 40 portraits by artist Bert Pfeiffer, a really true fan.

2. Currywurst Museum (, Berlin. This establishment celebrates a specially sauced sausage long beloved by Teutonic tastebuds, including exhibits on its preparation and an actual sausage stand as would be found right out on the strausse. The cafeteria is kind of a one-note affair.

3. The Museum of Bad Art (, Dedham, Mass. Also known as MOBA, this venue showcases works in categories such as badly painted nudes, awful landscapes and "blue people."

4. The National Museum of Funeral History (, Houston. Special shows include "The Last Tip of My Hat," which explores the customs associated with the burial of cowboys and cowgirls, while permanent exhibits (and this place celebrates the permanent) cover esoterica such as Civil War embalming and a visit to a vintage 1900 casket factory. The gift shop's a hoot.

5. The Hammer Museum (, Haines, Alaska. You'll be struck by the more than 1,500 hammers on display at this establishment, whose motto is "A view of the past through the use of man's first tool." Don't miss the  "History of Hickory Handle-Making" exhibit.

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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