by Allen J. Sheinman | April 15, 2011

Lead times might be getting shorter, but it can't hurt to know what holidays are coming up in 2012  to avoid attendee conflicts. Trusting that you already know about the major ones — July 4, et al — here are some of the more obscure observances you might need to work around (we're not kidding; look 'em up on the web).

Jan. 3: Festival of Sleep Day
Jan. 12: National Pharmacist Day
Jan. 13: Blame Someone Else Day
Jan. 20: Penguin Awareness Day

Feb. 12-18: International Flirting Week
Feb. 16: Do a Grouch a Favor Day
Feb. 26: National Pistachio Day

March 11-17: National Bubble Week
March 31: Clam on the Half Shell Day

April 3: Tweed Day
April 11: Barbershop Quartet Day
April 15: Rubber Eraser Day

May 9: Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 12: International Migratory Bird Day
May 24: National Escargot Day

June 3-9: Fishing Week
June 6: Yo-Yo Day

July 8-14: Nude Recreation Week
July 15: Cow Appreciation Day

Aug. 12-18: National Smile Week
Aug. 13: Left-Handers Day
Aug. 18: Bad Poetry Day

Sept. 13:
Fortune Cookie Day
Sept. 17: National Apple Dumpling Day

Oct. 9: Moldy Cheese Day
Oct. 13: International Skeptics Day

Nov. 4:
King Tut Day
Nov. 13: Sadie Hawkins Day

Dec. 12: National Ding-a-Ling Day
Dec. 29: Pepper Pot Day
Dec. 31: Make Up Your Mind Day

Source: Meetings & Conventions