by Allen J. Sheinman | May 06, 2011

This list, in reverse order for maximum dramatic effect, represents a consensus of average prices (in U.S. dollars) for a cup of java from sources such as NBC News, Forbes magazine, the Business Insider and others. The upshot: Better to stay sleepy in these towns, unless you want to bust your budget.

10. New York City: $3.75. Surprisingly, the Big Apple isn't the most expensive when it comes to a cup. Which is nice, because it leaves you the flexibility to order a $17 hamburger.
8. (Tied) Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland: $5.13. You'll gargle with shock when you get the tab for coffee for two in either of these Swiss cities, which might well explain the origin of yodeling.
7. Berlin: $5.15. Here, the price of "der Kaffee" will leave you saying "Ach du lieber!"
6. Copenhagen, Denmark: $6.06. And don't even ask about the cost of a Danish.
5. Beijing: $6.28. Imagine if they were capitalists.
4. Athens: $6.62. Such exorbitance is commemorated, of course, by the iconic take-out coffee cups used all over the globe.
3. Tokyo: $6.65. The price certainly will leave you with less of a yen for caffeine.
2. Paris: $6.77. Now that's Eiffel-ly expensive.
1. Moscow: $8.29. Stick with something cheap, like vodka.

Source: Meetings & Conventions