by Allen J. Sheinman | May 13, 2011

The list  

If you need to move a lot of attendees around to different venues, you had better build in plenty of time in these major meeting destinations, because they consistently rank as the worst in the country for traffic congestion. Figures in parentheses stand for the amount of hours per week of congestion/average speed (in mph) of surface transportation during rush hours (as of 2010).

New York City (94/11.4). In the Big Apple, the question is, "Should we walk, or do we have time to take a bus?"
Los Angeles (85/14). In the aptly named City of Angels, you’ll be praying that you'll reach your destination while your clothes are still in style.
Chicago (83/11.1). If only the wind could help propel you.
San Francisco/Oakland (68/19.6). The hills are alive -- with the sound of car horns.
Philadelphia (45/18.9). Thank goodness for less traffic in 1776, or we'd still be waiting for our copies of the Declaration of Independence.
Boston (43/16.7). You'll make better time running in the city's famed marathon.
Dallas/Fort Worth (43/20.1). Now you know why oil is such a big deal in Texas.
Seattle/Tacoma (33/11.2). A lot of coffee, a lot of traffic: bad mix.
Washington, D.C. (32/14). A bill stuck in committee is an apt metaphor for a car here.
Houston (22/13.2). "We have a problem."


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