by Allen J. Sheinman | May 20, 2011

The following gadgets or customs are fast on the road to extinction, so enjoy them while they last.

1. Fax machines. You can now obtain daily local lunch menus online, so why waste valuable office space?
2. The "www" prefix in URLs. Duh, your browser likely will take care of that.
3. Business cards. Mike Elgan in Computerworld calls them a "19th-century custom of calling cards" that have simply become a "tedious data-entry job."
4. The wristwatch. Ask anyone from Generation Z to hold up their wrist: Nada, except the barbed-wire tat.
5. GPS units. They increasingly come built-in to smartphones and cars.
6. MP3 players. Another quick victim of smartphones.
7. Paper maps. Ditto, unless you're some kind of Lewis and Clark cultist.
8. Calling 411 for a phone number. We're not even sure if there are any "operators" out there anymore.
9. Writing a check. You can stow the checkbook with your quill and ink pot, old-timer.
10. Proper grammar and punctuation. LOL, Y bother?

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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