by Allen J. Sheinman | June 10, 2011

And you think it’s pretty hot where you are? Please. If you plan to hold a meeting in any of the following destinations (listed in reverse order for maximum drama), bring plenty of ice and don’t worry about whether there’s a sauna on-site — the site is the sauna.

10. Agha Jari, Sudan. July temps can reach 128 F — the point at which rocks have been known to sweat.
9. Ahwaz, Iran. When you jump into water here, where the temp has hit a recorded high of 128.3 F, you become the tea bag.
8. Tirat Tavi, Israel. Back on June 21, 1942 (when still part of the British Mandate of Palestine), this town hit 129 F, which happens to be the melting point of matzo.
7. Araouane, Mali. This Western African city has hit 130 F in May. You don’t have to light cigars here — they do that all on their own.
6. Tombouctou, Mali. Thanks to temps as high as 130.1 F, the citizens here flee to Araouane, above, to cool off.
5. Kebili, Tunisia. If you bring a peanut butter sandwich here, where the high stands at 131 F, don’t be surprised if it turns into charcoal.
4. Ghudamis, Libya. Another place where the all-time high is 131 F, corn farmers here are routinely awoken in the middle of the night by all the popping.
3. Greenland Ranch, Death Valley, Calif. In Eastern California’s Mojave Desert, our sole U.S. entry measured 134 F in 1913. At this temperature, even music boils.
2. AlAziziyah, Libya. This stretch of baked misery, which once made it to 135.9 F,  is also known as Gandom Beriyan (“the toasted wheat”).*
1. Lut Desert, Iran. Our hotness champion has blown past all competitors with a recorded August high of 159 F. This is the point where boiling water bursts into flame.

* Really!

Source: Meetings & Conventions

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