by Sarah J.F. Braley | June 17, 2011

The Convention Industry Council has released a new ethics statement and policy for the Certified Meeting Professional program, extensions of the policy that already was in place, but with a definitive enforcement process. The statement must be acknowledged, and now adhered to, by all who seek the designation. A disciplinary subcommittee of the CMP Board is being created, made up of at least three and no more than five people, including the chair of the board and the immediate past chair. They will be charged with handling any disputes that arise. "Having both an ethics statement and an enforcement mechanism are a necessity for all credible certification programs that set professional standards," said Karen Kotowski, CMP, CAE, who is the council's CEO. Planners with their CMPs can have the certification revoked or face other disciplinary action if they violate the CMP Standards of Conduct. "We have no jurisdiction over noncertified planners, other than the pretenders who put CMP after their name and aren't certified. We can legally make them stop," noted Kotowski. The process for handling complaints includes how to file, what must be included in the complaint and what will happen if the complaint is without merit. View the statement and the disciplinary policy here and here.