by Sarah J.F. Braley | June 22, 2011

Today at AIBTM, Meeting Professionals International released the Business Value of Meetings study, which explores how organizations measure the worth of their events. The findings include the percentage of businesses that measure the value of meetings, the barriers to implementation of measurement processes, programming elements for organizational success and the key skills needed for personal success. The study was conducted by Association Insights and was funded by an investment from AIBTM to the MPI Foundation's Thought Leadership program. Using the information released today, MPI will develop a set of business tools that industry professionals can use to introduce meeting value measures to their events and communicate the value in relevant business terms. After interviewing representatives of 261 corporations in 27 countries, researchers found that less than 10 percent of meetings are assessed for their business value. The deciding factor of whether to measure a specific event depended on whether its stated goals focused on return on investment. The Business Value of Meetings is available here free to MPI members; the cost is $99 for nonmembers.