by Edited by Lisa A. Grimaldi | October 18, 2011

Businessman screamingMyles Nye, the team-building game master at Los Angeles-based Wise Guys Events (, has created challenges for everyone from Proctor and Gamble to the hit CBS show Survivor. To jump-start the brainstorming, he suggests the "Team Scream," where participants form a huddle, put their arms around one another's shoulders and everyone faces the floor. A moderator counts to three, at which point participants will either look at the person to the left, right or directly across from them. When any two people make eye contact, they scream as loudly as possible. Repeat once or twice. "Setting a precedent of looking dumb together is a good way to start things off on the right foot," says Nye. "Being unafraid to look dumb in front of the group is important, as people are hesitant to submit ideas that might fail if they feel they always have to look cool and composed."