by Jennifer Nicole Dienst | June 01, 2008

Lucid Absinthe$3.75 After a long absence, notorious absinthe, a favorite of 19th-century Parisian bohemians, was approved for manufacture in 2007. Serve 1.5 ounces in a glass with sugar cubes and a few drips of ice water. $60 for a 750-ml bottle, about $3.75 per drink; Save $1.25 per


Absinthe lollipop$2 For those not quite ready for the hard stuff, Lollyphile’s eerie green absinthe lollipops are derived directly from the spirit (and taste a lot like licorice). 12 for $24;

Samsonite Crocodile A12 Spinner$900 For the elite traveler, the faux-textured Crocodile A12 Spinner from Samsonite’s Black Label was designed by haute couture master Alexander McQueen. Save $820 per


$80 Easy to tote and still stylish, the 5.5-Heys Xcasepound Xcase is billed as the world’s lightest carry-on. It comes in 16 colors (including black).