by By Allen J. Sheinman | October 01, 2011

Illustration of a microphone 

 What was the funniest thing you ever saw at a meeting?


"At one event, I watched as one of my colleagues lost her footing and fell backwards into an A/V crate, and then the lid closed on top of her and locked her inside. She was rescued moments later, but boy, that was a good one!"

Theodora Douklias Senior Program Manager
HRG North America Events & Meetings Management
Mississauga, Ontario

"We hired a hypnotist to entertain a corporate client, and the funniest thing was watching a new employee in the audience -- thought to be really shy -- become hypnotized and start dancing and singing like Mick Jagger, doing 'Start Me Up.' "

Yvonne Dewar, CMP, President
Elastic Communications & Events Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario