October 28, 2011
The list

For the merely curious or those desperate souls still scrounging around for a last-minute idea, here are the top celebrity inspirations for this year's most popular Halloween get-ups, as gleaned from a wide variety of online and other media sources, and accompanied by occasional commentary from M&C's own in-house fashionista, senior editor Lisa Grimaldi.

10. Casey Anthony. Halloween was never about good taste. 'Nuff said.

9. Snooki. We know, she's so…2009. The key to the look: Start with mini, "then go one size too small," says Grimaldi.

8. A Pan Am stewardess. With the success of the ABC-TV series Pan Am, the retro 1960s blue-with-white-trim uniforms are suddenly hot on the trick-or-treat circuit (yes, child, airline attendants actually used to help and pamper passengers). "Girdle optional," Grimaldi notes.

7. Lindsay Lohan. You can't go wrong in that famous slinky white show-up-in-court-an-hour-late dress, although she did.

6. Katy Perry. "Just channel your inner Rainbow Brite doll," says Grimaldi.

5. Chaz Bono. Just channel your inner Olympic weight lifter.

4. Lady Gaga. Anything goes, "but if you opt for the sirloin," cautions Grimaldi, "refrigerate promptly after wearing."

3. Kate Middleton. Think crisp, on the safe side of stylish, and crack a dimple while waving. "Don't forget the nude hose," reminds Grimaldi.

2. Kim Kardashian. The key to this costume is to belabor the obvious.

1. Charlie Sheen. The Charlie masks are flying off the shelves this year; lock up your medicine cabinet.

Source: Meetings & Conventions