by Allen J. Sheinman | November 18, 2011

Deep-fried in lard. If you're tired of being told that turkey is the healthful meat, you can take the brag out of the bird by going this route until it's greasy, crusty and, like all deep-fried food, decadently delicious. Try this recipe from Epicurious:

Microwaved. Yes, it's possible, especially using this recipe found at eHow Food: But follow proper directions or you'll look like an idiot if you start carving and your knife hits a frozen core.

Turducken. This dish is the Cajun version of a Russian nesting doll, being a chicken stuffed into a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey. Of course, the final vessel is you. Go to at for a recipe guaranteed to be filling.

Beer-Can Turkey. There's no reason to stop imbibing alcohol just because you have to ingest something solid. Here's a nifty way to grill a bird in plenty of beer, the way the pilgrims would have, had they known how:, courtesy of the Food Network.

Roast turkey with alligator stuffing.
Another Cajun specialty, your family and friends will snap this up. Best of all, you buy it pre-made from Herbert's Specialty Meats (

Happy Thanksgiving to all!