by Allen J. Sheinman | June 20, 2012

Back in March 2011, The List featured 55 American cities with wacky monikers (read it here: Now we're back with more, and as we noted last year, it's worth holding a meeting in these towns for the signage possibilities alone.

Boar Tush, Ala.
Cluttsville, Ala.
Lingerlost, Ala.
Pushmataha, Ala.
Eek, Alaska
Booze Crossing, Ariz.
Three Way, Ariz.
Dowdy, Ark.
Nuckles, Ark.
Old Joe, Ark.
Bummerville, Calif.
Frink, Calif.
Hellhole Palms, Calif.
Reefer City, Calif.
Squabbletown, Calif.
Puddle Town, Conn.
Shortly, Del.
Blowing Rocks, Fla.
Roach, Fla.
Blitch, Ga.
Colon, Ga.
Bingo Creek Landing, Idaho
Good Grief, Idaho
Wacker, Ill.
Bald Knobs, Ind.
Spraytown, Ind.
Manly, Iowa
Yaggy, Kan.
Dimple, Ky.
Mousie, Ky.
Typo, Ky.
Swindleville, La.
Tickfaw, La.
Suckerville, Maine
Frizzellburg, Md.
Stab, Md.
Sesachacha, Mass.
Skookum, Mich.
Sheshebee, Minn.
Frankenstein, Mo.
Smittle, Mo.
Yaak, Mont.
Worms, Neb.
Dummer, N.H.
Buttzville, N.J.
Wickatunk, N.J.
El Macho, N.M.
Cahoonzie, N.Y.
Fickles Corner, N.Y.
Hairtown, N.C.
Omemee, N.C.
Dipple, Ohio
Winklepleck Grove, Ohio
Smacker, Okla.
Vamoosa, Okla.
Pancake, Pa.
Shamokin, Pa.
Ketchuptown, S.C.
Bad Wound, S.D.
Crunk, Tenn.
Stinking Creek, Tenn.
Bobo, Texas
Fort Spunky, Texas
Flux, Utah
Hamma Hamma, Wash.
Snee Oosh, Wash.
Waggy, W.Va.

And if you really want to confuse attendees, hold a conference in a town whose name is better known as a different state:

Nebraska, Ark.
Minnesota, Calif.
Wyoming, Del.
New York, Ga.
Ohio, Ga.
Texas, Ga.
Oregon, Ill.
Tennessee, Ill.
Kansas, Ind.
Utah, Ind.
Oklahoma, Md.
Georgia, N.J.
Alaska, N.M.
Nevada, Ohio
Oklahoma, Ohio
Delaware, Okla.

Source: Meetings & Conventions