by Allen J. Sheinman | October 01, 2012
Planners meet and work with an awful lot of people in the course of their jobs -- and it can get pretty awkward if you have a hard time remembering their names. For advice, we asked Benjamin Levy, noted memory expert, speaker and author of Remember Every Name Every Time (available at and on Amazon). Levy offers a four-point plan of attack upon first meeting someone:

Focus. Concentrate on the person's face and take note of prominent characteristics such as an eye patch or a group of freckles in the shape of a half-moon. This exercise will help you associate the face with the name.

Ask. Inquire about something and use his or her name, e.g., "Are you a Sagittarius, Sarah?" or "Do you own that tuxedo, Michael?"

Think about the name and associate it with something in your experience, such as "Hmm, her name is Feronia, like the Roman goddess of abundance from my mythology class in high school."

Employ. Use the name again to cement it in your mind, as in "I see you're itching to check your e-mail, Carlysle, so I'll see you later at the buffet."  

The steps outlined above can be remembered by the acronym FACE; and if that doesn't work for you, we offer two words: name tags.