by Allen J. Sheinman | November 16, 2012
The list

There might be an app for that, but do we really need one? Here are some we find somewhat superfluous.

1. Amble With Louis Vuitton: Here's an umpteenth way to collect pictures, notes, video and audio of your trip to St. Louis, or the grocery for that matter. Of course, who knows better how to document a trip from all possible angles than a maker of handbags?

2. Deer Hunting: This one offers helpful simulated deer sounds to help you bag your prey, including a "bleat that plays on the maternal instincts of the does…" Not for anyone who ever watched Bambi.

3. BAUER Goal Light: At a hockey game, "Show your support after every goal with the BAUER Goal Light app! A rotating, real-looking animated light complete with a horn sound effect, the BAUER Goal Light takes up the entire screen for an eye-opening effect that can be seen clear across any ice rink." Just what we want — irritating flashing lights that will prevent us from clearly seeing the bloody brawls on the ice.

4. Zoosk: This app bills itself as the "Romantic Social Network" and exorts, "Join millions of members who are already creating and sharing their romantic journeys on Zoosk." They might as well rename it Divorce.

5. Omegle: Here's yet another app for making new friends. "When you use Omegle, it picks another user at random and lets you have a one-on-one chat with each other. Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you choose to." We're sure this will end well for everyone who uses it.

6. Coin Flip: When it comes to the time-honored ritual of choosing heads or tails, this handy app saves you the time and effort of a) finding a two-sided coin; b) flipping it; c) calling out "heads" or "tails"; d) crawling under a nearby parked automobile to retrieve coin; e) announcing which side coin landed on, and f) getting into fight with person you're choosing with, who thinks you manipulated the coin to your advantage while scrounging underneath the car.

Source: Meetings & Conventions