April 01, 2004

Here are a few of the nation’s
hottest new eateries.

Lacroix at the Rittenhouse in Philadelphia (pictured right) serves up its best at a chef’s table in the kitchen, among the pots and pans. (215) 546-9000; www.rittenhousehotel.com/lacroix

davidburke & donatella demand that you order the chef’s tasting menu at their New York City buzz factory. Burke’s six-course menu is scribbled upon with notes and sketches about the food. (212) 813-2121; www.dbdrestaurant.com

Aurora, the new star of the Dallas restaurant scene, features a window to the kitchen and a menu luxuriant with truffles, caviar and foie gras. (214) 528-9400 ; www.auroradallas.com