February 20, 2019
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Chris Meyer: I just attended the Corporate Event Marketing Association summit, and one of the big topics of discussion was about ROE, not ROI -- the return on experience. That is the conversation they are having with their C-level executives, the boards of these large companies. Oracle was there, Microsoft was there, Salesforce was there, Cisco was there, and that was the big buzzword: ROE, and how they quantify it.
Employee Engagement

Smith: It's no longer just good enough to have a good brand, you need to have a good employment brand. Successful companies, down the road, are going to put sustained and focused effort into being perceived as a good employment brand, beyond just having a good brand.

Sturt: For a long time in the recognition industry, people have been waiting for somebody to do something great, and then go out and reward and recognize them. You hope somebody engages. Engages in what? Engages in actually doing the stuff that creates value for your client experience or saving the organization money.

Performance-ready convention centers
Forget what you know about convention centers and the limitations of cavernous exhibit halls. While those halls have typically been more suited to showrooms than to high-end productions, the curtain has been lifted on new possibilities.

Early last fall, San Jose's McEnery Convention Center debuted a $22 million overhaul of its exhibit halls' tech and audiovisual infrastructure. Production manager Tim Foster, armed with decades of tour-production experience from his days with the likes of Neil Young and Jefferson Starship, set about redefining the possibilities of the venue. Foster ripped out the original ceilings to ease production rigging, and outfitted the space with a specially adapted Meyer Sound system, previously unavailable lighting from ETC Lighting and a technology platform that allows for mobile control of individual lights and speakers.