December 13, 2006

At an event held last night at the Arlington (Texas) Convention Center, specifics for the new stadium home of the Dallas Cowboys were revealed. The sleek state-of-the-art facility, to open for the 2009-'10 season, will feature 80,000 seats; a plaza with more than 200 concession areas, eight clubs and 23 bars and lounges; a retractable roof that replicates the open roof of the old Texas Stadium; a huge screen on the side to project games and other events to those on the outside; field-level suites; and a 60-yard scoreboard. Construction already is under way, but the team did not release the mechanical drawings for the stadium until forced to two weeks ago by a lawsuit. The citizens of Arlington are providing a capped amount of $325 million of the stadium's costs, which was supposed to be $650 million; the bill now is more than $1 billion.