October 18, 2006

The International Association for Exhibition Management has increased its membership by roughly 65 percent so far this year, president Steven Hacker said last week during a conference call. As the association has shifted to an organization-based membership system, whereby employees who work with exhibitions at member organizations are counted as individual IAEM members, the association's size has jumped from 3,300 members when the year began to more than 5,600 members and 1,250 organizations. IAEM will elect a new board of directors and vote on a name change to the International Association of Exhibitions and Events at its annual meeting, Expo! Expo!, to be held Nov. 28-30 in San Diego. Also of note: Of the 162 people who earned CEM (Certified in Exhibition Management) designations in 2006, only 69 were from the United States and 80 were from China.