December 15, 2004
A $200,000 budget cut might force the Duluth (Minn.) Convention and Visitors Bureau to tighten its belt. Last week, Duluth’s city council recommended utilizing the funds from the DCVB to restore firefighter jobs axed from last year’s budget. A final decision on the funding change rests with Mayor Herb Bergson, who could veto the measure. “We were blindsided at the city council meeting last week. The industry is very disappointed,” said Terry Mattson, executive director of the Duluth CVB. “We’re looking at cuts we’re being forced to make. Part of that list includes the city’s annual Independence Day fireworks display. Now we’re looking at what personnel cuts would be required, and the bottom line there is even more devastating. If you wipe out the community’s convention sales budget, you’re going to lose a lot of convention business.”