Planner Basics

Planner Basics

Ways to Avoid Hidden Hotel Fees

by Jonathan T. Howe, Esq. | August 01,2017
Key elements to place in a contract to eliminate surprise charges
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Putting Out the Welcome Mat for New Hires

Strategies for engaging new attendees at the annual meeting.

Best Practices Ways to Freshen Up That Same Old Meeting

How small tweaks can give new life to familiar venues and formats.

Safeguarding Your Event's Data

Points to consider to protect against cyber-security threats.

Planning a Sustainable Menu

Key questions to ask when determining food and beverage.
The Law and the Planner

Ways to Avoid Hidden Hotel Fees

Key elements to place in a contract to eliminate surprise charges

Dealing With "Liquidated Damages"

How to ease or avoid penalties with proper contract language.
Tech Files

6 Ways to Keep Phone Charges Low During International Travel

Some of these steps are annoying, but they're less painful than an unexpected data bill.

VIDEO: Robots, Smart Technology and Public Perception

Ng Yu Lik of Republic Polytechnic discusses the use of robots in Singapore's hospitality industry.
Food & Beverage

How to Plan for Sustainable Catering

Pitfalls to avoid when planning for sustainable catering  

Raising the Bar on Beverages

Here are the latest trends from behind the bar -- including some tasty choices for teetotalers.
Managing Corporate Travel

Understanding Uber: Pros and Cons

What you and your travelers should know about the ride-sharing service.

Choosing a Car Service Provider

Advice for Choosing ground transportation services

White Papers

Robots Are Here

Artificial intelligence is coming to the workplace, whether human workers like it or not. Novatio Solutions' white paper aims to make sense of the integration...

The Mobilized Travel Consumer

With mobile device ownership on the rise, the way consumers use devices is drastically changing. Expedia's newest white paper, The Mobilized Travel Consumer,...

Apple Watch: The Event Planner's Guide

Attendees yearn for more personalized experiences at meetings and events, and the Apple Watch is one of the few devices able to satisfy their craving.

DoubleDutch Releases Free Guide to Measuring Event Success

The 32-page handbook is accompanied by a customizable spreadsheet for cost calculations.

M&C Webcasts

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Meeting

August 16, 2017, 2PM ET  You might already be using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and a host of other social media channels for your meeting, but to...

Airbnb and Beyond: What the Sharing Economy Means to Meetings

 AVAILABLE ON DEMAND: Planners are familiar with the big players in the shared economy space, like Uber and Airbnb. Do such entities have a place in the...

Devices Down! How to Keep Your Audience Fully Engaged

AVAILABLE NOW ON-DEMAND:  Today's audiences need to be highly engaged - immediately - or they will tune out. Presenters are competing for the attention of...

Ask The Chef

AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND:Experienced chefs will share insights, advice and ideas from their experience serving groups of all kinds under myriad circumstances....