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Attendee engagement and planner event ROI are the two sides of the coin that must always be considered when creating a unique, customized reward event. With targeted merchandise rewards based on demographic and geographic considerations, Rymax Marketing Services, a full-service loyalty provider, puts a laser focus on delivering engaging gifts for organizations of all sizes that produce a memorable attendee experience.

Reward event experiences

Rymax’s reward events create more than a unique experience for recognizing top performers, VIPs and a company’s most valued customers. The company’s events include:

Shopping sprees: Attendees shop in a ballroom filled with products from over 300 brands representing over 100 categories and use their allotted “point” balance to select one or more products of their choice based on the format created by their company. Imagine the impact on both the employee and their spouse as the ballroom doors swing open and they are treated to their own shopping experience filled with brands that they see in their local Macy’s, Nordstrom, Home Depot or Best Buy stores. Then, for convenience, items are shipped directly to their homes.

Customization events: These events feature product categories that have very personal purchase traits such as headphones, golf equipment, jewelry and other items. For instance, the average consumer uses up to three headphones per year, with each pair being used for a different purpose: in-ear and water-resistant for exercising, over-the-ear with noise-canceling technology for travel and finally, headphones designed for a particular music genre. Brands like Beats by Dr. Dre, Versace timepieces, Klipsch or Callaway can provide custom fittings of their products, a special touch that gives attendees a quality custom experience. Sunglass “fittings” have been done for several years, but we find that this has grown somewhat tired for our clients and that offering a “fitting” for Michael Kors, Johnston and Murphy, or Hearts on Fire creates a greater “wow” factor.

Casino VIP events: One recent event gave casino players the opportunity to unlock a Sentry® Safe unit through a special code they received upon arrival that revealed merchandise inside the safe valued up to $2,000. Each player won the safe and, more importantly, won the randomly placed product inside. The next night, VIP players were invited back and given a special code that revealed additional merchandise inside the safe valued up to $10,000. This collection of products included, among others, Victorinox Swiss Army, Liquid Image, Salvatore Ferragamo and Samsung. Every participant was a winner and the buzz created for the property via the press coverage and word-of-mouth led to tremendous differentiation in a crowded market.

Race for Rewards: This event features a team of participants who, in a set timeframe, grab as many rewards as they can from our fully stocked obstacle course – including electronics, housewares, sporting goods, jewelry, handbags and more. This race is transient and often done in conjunction with a companywide event at an organization’s destination of choice.

Responding to a changing workforce

Reward events are ideal for our changing workforce and consumer base. Rymax’s custom experiences tie into the needs of different generations. For instance, millennials now represent 50 percent of the workforce, and engagement is highly important for this demographic. The Incentive Research Foundation points to a McKinsey study that states organizations are becoming more virtual and looking for new ways to build trust, teamwork and camaraderie. Rymax’s reward events are attention-grabbing experiences that appeal to the full spectrum of attendee wants and needs. They are the perfect solution to a problem faced by many organizations that wish to grow and drive engagement with both customers and employees. Special events are regular settings for more than half of organizations, with the effect of recognition programs on employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction seen as positive or extremely positive by employees and clients.

“We’re seeing more and more companies who are seeking these types of events and desire the opportunity to make their very own event as unique and engaging as possible,” says Paul Gordon, vice president of sales. “By pairing aspirational products with a format that appeals to all attendees, Rymax’s latest events have proven to be great successes.”

Corporate meetings and reward events

Finally, corporate meetings are important overall to an organization’s performance, and they can be complemented by Rymax reward events for an even greater impact. For instance, a sales training can be paired with a Pick-A-Gift, in which Rymax offers different brand name merchandise options and each attendee leaves with a gift of their choice. The company also produces interesting marketing initiatives, offering a selection of items with a higher trophy value. The Incentive Research Foundation reported in 2013 that 42% of planners increased their incentive budgets for 2014, while only 9% decreased them. A larger budget allows for planners to place more products that attendees want in their program or to create a continuity program throughout the year. We know that the newest generation of employees seek positive feedback on a more regular basis and a 12-month plan that also includes peer-to-peer recognition can be very important.

From concept, execution, product selection and fulfillment to even post-show analysis, companies are looking for a proven solution for their reward events. Armed with experience and exclusive pricing, Rymax’s goal is to ease the lives of meeting planners and improve event ROI.

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