Choosing the Right Meeting Setting to
Motivate and Reward Your Team in 2010

No doubt about it, corporate America is in budget-conscious mode

— and asking its meeting planners to be in image-conscious mode too. But in choosing destinations that send the "right" messages about serious work and cost savings, it's possible many of the best qualities for productive meetings are being lost.

Great meetings happen when people are relaxed and inspired. Goals are met when people communicate and teams work together. Companies move forward when their people feel valued and motivated to do their best.

Experience has shown that this all happens naturally when you select your meeting venue wisely. In many resort environments there is a dedicated conference facility within the boundaries of the resort. For example, Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of O’ahu offers a serious learning environment at its Pacific Rim Conference Center. This is the type of balanced solution that can create precisely the right destination for the times.

Making this option even more attractive are unique rate promotions and highly negotiated rates from some of the nation's legendary resorts. Many companies are finding that these meeting destinations provide great benefits for attendees at rates as affordable as conventional destinations.

However, your meeting will be anything but conventional. And this gets to the heart of the intangible benefits of choosing the right meeting setting. As the points in the right sidebar demonstrate, a balanced destination has the features to  inspire, motivate and reward your team.

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A calm, distraction-free setting encourages you to leave day-to-day concerns behind — a priceless advantage when your agenda calls for intense focus or brainstorming sessions.

Resort guest accommodations typically feel quite different from the usual hotel room, lifting your team beyond the realm of routine business travel to a place where they feel relaxed and at ease.

Recreation and dining, which can be favorably negotiated into your meeting package, have an incredible impact on your session. Resorts excel at creating theme events that bring teams together. Golf is unmatched at fostering camaraderie and teaching values like fairness and integrity that we can apply to business every day.

The advantages are easy to see. Let's start sending the right message about meeting destinations that are good for business, whether it's presenting in a conference room, networking at a reception or sealing a deal on the fairway. Great meetings will help move America's business forward in 2010.