by Allen J. Sheinman | January 28, 2015

Yeah, we know all about Valentine's Day and Presidents' Day, but there's a bunch of other, lesser-known holidays in February that meeting planners should be aware of, so they won't be shocked if attendees stay home to celebrate. Like these:

Feb. 6. Lame Duck Day. According to lore, this "day" originally was designated to commemorate the ratification of the 20th Amendment in 1933, which moved the start and end of presidential and vice presidential terms from March 4 up to Jan. 20, and members of Congress from March 4 to Jan. 3. But as that particular purpose didn't especially inspire Americans to march in parades or go on family picnics, the day became a more sober occasion to celebrate those who lose an election yet must remain in office as humiliated pariahs until their term ends.

Feb. 7: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day ( Even lame ducks brighten up on a morning when you can ditch the organic muesli and have a chocolate walnut sundae instead.

Feb. 9: National Read in the Bathtub Day ( Yes, this day has its own Facebook page; just try not to electrocute yourself by taking your computer into the tub with you.

Feb. 13: Get a Different Name Day ( Yes, Blanch, this is your day to do something about the moniker you were given at birth, if you so choose. For details, go to

Feb. 20: Something about this date is conducive to celebrating, as this is simultaneously Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, Love Your Pet Day, National Cherry Pie Day, National Handcuff Day (, National Hoodie Hoo Day (which simply involves going outside at noon sharp and yelling "Hoodie-hoo" at the top of your lungs; adherents swear this will hasten the end of winter) and World Day for Social Justice (

Feb. 22: National Margarita Day ( 'Nuff said.

Feb. 24: Single Tasking Day ( A day for rabid multitaskers to relax and put their feet up. Oh wait, that's two things…

Feb. 28: World Sword Swallower's Day ( According to Sword Swallowers Association International, this is the eighth such annual day to "raise awareness of sword swallowers worldwide," so kick back and do something to pamper your esophagus.