by Allen J. Sheinman | October 7, 2015

Your faithful List compiler has a bone to pick with clichés like the following. We've taken the trouble to provide examples of how they might be used in a meetings context, as exemplars of what to avoid.

1. At the end of the day… "We generally like to hold our events in daylight, but at the end of the day, it comes down to a matter of artificial lighting."

2. It is what it is. "The chef appears to be inebriated, so as for what's in that chafing dish, it is what it is."

3. I'm just circling back. "The hotel salesperson crossed out some of my requirements, which I'm just circling back in."

4. Think outside the box. "All of the attendees' box lunches spilled out in the back of the van, so maybe it's time to think outside the box."

5. To be honest… "To be honest, we've always lied to you about the cost of Wi-Fi."

6. With all due respect… "With all due respect, a moron could provide better team-building ideas than you."

7. The rest is history. "The first part of our request for proposal is our current meeting specifications; the rest is history."

8. Speak truth to power. "As a planner dealing in this seller's market, I'd like to speak truth to power, but they'll just hang up on me."

9. It goes without saying. "If you can't provide us with any microphones for our session, it goes without saying."

10. For what it's worth… "For what it's worth, our group tends to interpret force majeure very liberally when it comes to filling our guaranteed room block."