by Allen J. Sheinman | January 8, 2016

The folks at USA Today and travel-guide purveyor 10Best recently surveyed their readers and customers to arrive at the following list of best travel apps. We have to admit, they all look pretty enticing!

1. DUFL. This app takes care of your luggage, from packing (even cleaning your clothes first) to schlepping it to and from the airport. This is not a joke; check 'em out.

2. Microsoft Translator. Here's a translation tool that can handle more than 50 languages and is able to work with speech, text, websites and more. You'll never again be stymied by those pesky Cyrillic text messages!

3. Wiffinity. This free app connects travelers with thousands of Wi-Fi networks across Europe, so users can enjoy easy and free Internet access.

4. Indie Guides. Here are ways to enjoy a destination the way the locals do, including insider tips on music venues, boutiques, restaurants and more.

5. Just Ahead. Transform your phone into a tour guide with this app, which plays tips, anecdotes and more about your surroundings. And because it's GPS-based, you don't need Wi-Fi or cellular service to use it.

6. Great Little Place. Here's another way to find those off-the-beaten-path, quirky charms that hide in every city, and travelers can add their own finds to the mix. The app currently features 15,000 places in more than 100 cities in six countries.

7. Rizon. For people who really like to take photos wherever they go, this app flags the ideal time for the best natural outdoor lighting. The app also works offline, so you can snap some quality pix while off the grid.

8. Here. This voice-guided navigation app offers maps for more than 100 countries, including real-time traffic information with a route planner to help you find the quickest path, whether by foot, car or public transportation.

9. Lucky Trip. If you want to go on a vacation but don't want the hassle of planning one, this app does the work for you. Users simply state their budget, and the app will pick the best destinations (from more than 300 cities) and hotels in that price range, and suggest activities unique to the location.

10. Currenci. Another free app, this makes it easy to convert different currency amounts around the world. It even lets you see multiple currencies all at once on the same screen, and rates are automatically updated.