by Allen J. Sheinman | May 20, 2016

Never was the term "rush hour" more ironic than when applied to the following 10 global cities, where the only rush you get is when you finally reach your destination, if you live that long. Findings come from the folks at GPS-maker/traffic-research firm TomTom (; the Congestion Level percentages stand for the increase in overall travel time when compared with a free-flow, uncongested situation. If you're planning a meeting in any of these cities, you might want to consider an airport hotel.

World Rank/City/Congestion Level

  1. Mexico City                    50%
  2. Bankok, Thailand           57%
  3. Istanbul, Turkey             50%
  4. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil      47%
  5. Moscow                            44%
  6. Bucharest, Romania        43%
  7. Salvador, Brazil               43%
  8. Recife, Brazil                  43%
  9. Chengdu, China             41%
  10. Los Angeles                   41%