by Allen J. Sheinman | July 28, 2017

Allen J. Sheinman, managing editor of Meetings & Conventions magazineOf course, pot remains illegal on a federal level, but as of this writing the Trump administration has not bucked the trend for states to regulate themselves when it comes to the notorious weed. Here's the latest rundown on state pot laws as they pertain to recreational and medical use.

markjuana leafWorth noting: Transporting marijuana between states remains illegal in all instances. Even where pot is legal, you can't smoke it in public or drive while stoned. Decriminalized means offenses are treated more or less like a minor traffic violation. And if you're holding a meeting in a state where pot is legal, consider upping the F&B budget.

Alabama: Medical
Alaska: Recreational and medical
Arizona: Medical
Arkansas: Medical
California: Recreational and medical
Colorado: Recreational and medical
Connecticut: Decriminalized and medical
Delaware: Decriminalized and medical
Florida: Medical
Georgia: Medical
Hawaii: Medical
Idaho: Just plain illegal
Illinois: Decriminalized and medical
Indiana: Just plain illegal
Iowa: Medical
Kansas: Just plain illegal
Kentucky: Just plain illegal
Louisiana: Medical
Maine: Recreational and medical
Maryland: Decriminalized and medical
Massachusetts: Recreational and medical
Michigan: Medical
Minnesota: Decriminalized and medical (nonsmokable)
Mississippi: Lowered penalty on possession of less than 10 grams to class D misdemeanor (up to $500 fine) on first offense, class A misdemeanor on further offenses (up to $2,000 fine and up to a year in jail)
Missouri: Decriminalized on first offense only
Montana: Medical
Nebraska: Decriminalized on first offense only
Nevada: Recreational and medical
New Hampshire: Medical
New Jersey: Medical
New Mexico: Medical
New York: Decriminalized unless in public view and medical (nonsmokable)
North Carolina: Decriminalized
North Dakota: Medical
Ohio: Decriminalized and medical
Oklahoma: Medical
Oregon: Recreational and medical
Pennsylvania: Medical
Rhode Island: Decriminalized and medical
South Carolina: Just plain illegal
South Dakota: Just plain illegal
Tennessee: Just plain illegal
Texas: Decriminalized in Dallas and Houston
Utah: Just plain illegal
Vermont: Decriminalized and medical
Virginia: Medical for "intractable epilepsy" only
Washington: Recreational and medical
Washington, D.C.: Recreational and medical
West Virginia: Medical
Wisconsin: Medical using extract for children with rare seizure disorders only
Wyoming: Just plain illegal

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