by Loren G. Edelstein | September 22, 2017

Loren G. Edelstein, editor in chief of Meetings & Conventions magazineAfter Hurricane Harvey brought biblical flooding to the Southeast United States, I crafted a brief poll to gauge the impact of the storm on meetings. Irma and Jose followed close on its heels, so I revised the questions to reflect "this hurricane season."

You know how this story goes... As I write this, Hurricane Maria has just battered Puerto Rico, having ripped its way through Dominica and St. Croix. Meanwhile, in Mexico City, people are being pulled from the rubble left by the Sept. 19 earthquake.

My heart aches for all of those who have suffered nature’s wrath these past anxious weeks -- and will continue to suffer in the long recovery period ahead.

Like many of you, we at Northstar had to cancel and reschedule meetings. But we consider ourselves fortunate: We have homes with roofs intact. For the hundreds of thousands who don’t, aid is desperately needed. Tourism Cares, with other industry entities in Texas and the Caribbean, has created a Destination Disaster Recovery Fund to help workers, enterprises and destinations rebuild in the wake of this string of disasters. Please join me in making a donation at to support our cherished colleagues in their time of great need.

I’m still holding onto that reader poll in hopes that, after Maria, Mother Nature will take a long rest. Look for results in what I pray will be a very peaceful November.