The 25 Most Traffic-Congested Cities in Europe and North America

International meeting planners would do well to study this list of the most clogged destinations in two popular continents. For example, if you were gathering in Greater Manchester, England (no. 8, below), and you wanted to shuttle attendees from the conference hall to a restaurant on the other side of town, you'd do well to set aside about four days for the maneuver. The folks at The Guardian, the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper/website, based this research on all sorts of data compiled in the INRIX Traffic Scorecard, more about which we'd tell you except the details are in a portfolio in the backseat of a cab idling in perpetuity somewhere in midtown Los Angeles (no. 5). We've listed the cities in descending order for maximum drama.

25. Seattle
24. Belfast, Ireland
23. Lyon, France
22. Rome
21. Cologne, Germany
20. San Jose, Calif.
19. Birmingham, England
18. Stuttgart, Germany
17. Bridgeport, Conn.
16. New York City
15. Liverpool, England
14. Montreal
13. Ghent, Belgium
12. Nottinghamshire, England
11. Austin, Texas
10. Rotterdam, Netherlands
9. Paris
8. Greater Manchester, England
7. San Francisco
6. London
5. Los Angeles
4. Honolulu
3. Antwerp, Belgium
2. Brussels, Belgium
1. Milan, Italy

Source: The Guardian;