Atlantic City Alliance Head Steps Down

Liza Cartmell, president and CEO the Atlantic City Alliance -- the casino-funded group that promotes Atlantic City to potential visitors -- is stepping down from her post by retiring, according to press reports; she has helmed the organization since its launch in 2011. The alliance, a private group created by a partnership between the casino industry and the state government, was supposed to last until the end of 2016 as the city’s chief marketing organization, but its $30 million budget is being eyed for other purposes. An economic recovery plan, up for a final vote in the New Jersey State Legislature this month, would divert the ACA’s funding for the next two years to help prop up the city’s dwindling property-tax base. "As you all so painfully know, Atlantic City is in a time of transition, and all its major institutions are proactively adapting to a new reality," Cartmell wrote in a letter announcing her retirement. "The Atlantic City Alliance will continue to promote the destination with a reduced staff and realigned resources and priorities -- pending definitive legislative/executive action to resolve its status and possible funding (or not)."