Puerto Rico's Convention Center, Most Hotels "Fully Operational" Post-Irma

A day after Hurricane Irma hit Puerto Rico, Meet Puerto Rico released a statement revealing that most of the island's tourism infrastructure was spared. "We worked closely with the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. and Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Authority and our members, preparing and readying ourselves for Hurricane Irma, and urging our members, staff and clients to take the appropriate measures to protect life and property. We are happy to report that we are all well," said Milton Segarra, Meet Puerto Rico's president and CEO.

"We are also pleased to report after reaching out to the membership of Meet Puerto Rico -- hotels, airports, venues, transportation services -- that the Puerto Rico Convention Center and most of our hotels are fully operational, ready to welcome guests and accepting reservations. Most damages are restricted to debris, which is being removed. Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is up and running on generators and reporting no structural damage. No groups or site visits have been canceled. Our calendar of events remains unchanged, and we remain ready to welcome all groups to Puerto Rico soon. We at Meet Puerto Rico send our good thoughts to all who have been impacted by Hurricane Irma and to those still in its path and send our prayers for safe delivery."

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