Global Planner 2017

Global Planner 2017 opener

Even in today's volatile world, with its newly urgent focus on the safety and logistics of travel between nations, global meetings are an essential component in the repertoire of effective business and association-related practices. Our annual Global Planner survey takes an in-depth look at this vital segment of the events industry, compiling statistics on meeting locations, budgets, priorities and more for gatherings held outside of the United States this year and beyond.

M&C's 2017 research garnered responses from 188 North America-based planners -- 128 in the corporate world and 60 affiliated with associations. Among the key findings:

 Europe will remain the top spot for international meetings in 2017 and 2018.

 For incentive programs, the Carib­bean/Bermuda is the most popular destination both this year and next.

 Eleven percent of respondents will spend $1 million or more on their next international meeting.




More than half of planners polled (51 percent) work with a destination marketing organization or tourism board when organizing international meetings.

When choosing an international destination, planners consider the quality of hotels/accommodations and top-flight security the most important criteria.



Keeping close to home: The Caribbean/Bermuda holds the top spot for incentive programs being held outside the U.S. for both 2017 and 2018.