The International School of Hospitality Introduces Two Certificate Programs

The International School of Hospitality is introducing two certificate programs in September that will be offered at the Las Vegas campus as well as online. Both courses last 12 weeks and are meant for people who are new to the industry and veterans looking to further their careers. Tuition for each course is $1,650.

The Exhibition and Tradeshow Management Certificate will focus on the basics of exhibition and trade-show production and management, along with the necessary organizational, marketing, site selection, design and evaluation strategies. Students will learn about the variety of exhibitions being produced, cultivate marketing strategies for trade shows, and learn about the types of facilities that host exhibitions and the reasons for choosing certain venues over others. The curriculum also will cover the significance of service contractors, and will teach participants about production and show schedules.

The Hospitality Marketing and Sales Certificate will cover how to distinguish marketing from sales, and identify trends that affect these areas in the hospitality industry. The curriculum will address developing a marketing plan, summarizing the duties and responsibilities of positions typically found in a hotel marketing and sales office, learning the five steps of a presentation sales call and more.