City Council Moves Forward on New Arena for Fort Worth

The Fort Worth (Texas) City Council on Wednesday heard and voted on a number of items that could enhance the destination's meetings options. Top of the list: The council passed a resolution to begin working with the State Comptroller’s Office to call an election to approve a project that would build a multipurpose arena adjacent to the Will Rogers Memorial Center; the resolution also outlined three tax options to help pay for the construction. "There is demand that we cannot accommodate," said Bob Jameson, president and CEO of the Fort Worth Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The Fort Worth City Council has taken the first step toward expanding our meeting and convention package and enhancing our entertainment districts." The council also heard a series of recommendations that included a call to replace the 40-year-old arena that is attached to the convention center with new exhibit, ballroom and event space; and to increase the downtown hotel offerings by at least 1,400 guest rooms, including a second headquarters hotel.