Disneyland Paris to Undergo US$2.5 Billion Expansion

Disney Paris

Disneyland Paris will undergo a multiyear, US$2.5 billion transformation beginning in 2021, becoming the biggest project in the history of the resort since its debut in 1992. The expansion includes three new areas -Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars - in the resort's Walt Disney Studios Park. Each area will bring to life some of Disney's most popular stories and characters, including a high-speed adventure ride with Marvel's Iron Man. A lake is being added as the focal point for live entertainment experiences and to connect each of the three new sections.

"We're very excited about the future of Disneyland Paris and continue to invest in its long-term success," said Disney CEO Bob Iger. "The resort already is the leading tourist destination in Europe, and the transformative expansion we announced today will add even more of our beloved characters and unparalleled storytelling to create new lands, attractions and entertainment that further elevate the guest experience and drive new opportunities for tourism in this dynamic region."

In addition to the Walt Disney Studio's Park, Disneyland Paris includes the Disneyland park, seven themed Disney hotels, a 27-hole golf course and the Disney Village complex. In 2020, the resort will open Disney's Hotel New York - The Art of Marvel, a reimagining of Disney's Hotel New York that will showcase Marvel's superheroes.