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Former Gaylord Execs Launch Groups360 Platform

Third-party planning company EventaGlobal has rebranded itself as Groups360, now offering both hoteliers and planners technology that aims to streamline the event RFP process. The new company is led by chairman David Kloeppel, former COO and president of Gaylord Entertainment, and CEO Kemp Gallineau, former chief sales officer for Gaylord. As part of the rebranding, the company acquired GroupONomics, a database of group transactions that provides unbiased historical data to help hoteliers evaluate potential group business. The company also has developed the proprietary GroupSync search engine to help planners source appropriate venues based on an algorithm that uses STR lodging data. "Let's face it, the RFP process is broken," said Gallineau. "Groups360 fixes  it. We estimate that problems with how business is done now have ballooned into $7 billion in inefficiencies every year."

Gallineau and Kloeppel teamed up last year specifically to address such inefficiencies. They decided to build a new sourcing platform that provided more transparency and information, and inspired more trust between hoteliers and planners than what they thought existing technologies were providing. They acquired EventaGlobal last year to gain insight into the challenges faced by planners in sourcing hotels. "With the introduction of GroupSync and acquisition of GroupOnomics, Groups360 provides the hotel industry with the first end-to-end solution for meeting search, acquisition, planning and forecasting," said Gallineau. "No one else serves planners and hotels in this fashion. We are uniquely able to attack everyone's lost time, lost money and frustration."