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Socio Scores Funding, Adds Lead Retrieval and Live Display Tools

The event-app provider is expanding its range of functionality.

Yarkin Sakucoglu CEO Co-founder Socio

Yarkin Sakucoglu, co-founder and CEO of Socio

Event-tech provider Socio, which offers branded event apps for events, conferences and trade shows, has just raised more funding and is looking to expand. In addition to beefing up its team in both North America and EMEA, Socio has added both lead-retrieval and live-display tools to its platform. The company has offices in both Indianapolis and Istanbul, and hopes to triple its number of employees by the end of 2020. There are currently 35 people working for the company.

With the newly raised $6 million round of funding, led by venture studio High Alpha Capital, Socio seeks to expand its functionality beyond the branded-app marketplace. "Knowing how hard it is to execute events right, we want to give organizers a full-stack solution that simplifies their work and maximizes ROI across the entire event lifecycle," said Socio co-founder and CEO Yarkin Sakucoglu.

First on the path to such a solution are the new Socio Lead Retrieval and Socio Live Display tools, both of which sharpen the company's ongoing focus on the in-event, attendee- and exhibitor-facing experience. The lead-retrieval tool is a straightforward app through which exhibitors scan attendee QR codes. Exhibitors can rate leads and add notes as they input attendee info, and immediately export the data to their CRM platforms.

Live Display, as the app's name implies, facilitates the display of event-app data on large screens, in real time, at the event venue. It lends itself well to social walls -- and related gamification to encourage posting -- as well as schedule announcements and such that can be displayed during sessions and keynotes.

Socio's product road map includes a number of enterprise-scale tools that will increase its functionality and facilitate company-wide use of the tool by corporate customers. Next up is a registration platform, which will be Socio's first pre-event tool.

The company's growth rate has been impressive. In a little more than a year, Socio's client list has grown to more than 400 customers across 50 countries, including high-profile entities such as Google, Harvard and Pinterest.