Dealing with Attendee Complaints

Fielding Attendee Complaints Is Par for the Course for Planners

NLR0510 Side chartThe room is too cold. The chicken is dry. The beds are too soft. Such complaints are raised regularly by meeting attendees -- who look to the planner to resolve all. Of 146 respondents to a recent M&C Research survey, 9 percent say they are constantly fielding gripes on-site, and another 65 receive complaints occasionally.

Room temperature is the biggest pet peeve of meeting-goers; 82 percent of survey respondents cite this as a category where most complaints fall.  

Planners are adept at resolving issues: Just 2 percent say they rarely are able to appease miffed attendees.

Beyond responding to unsolicited gripes, most planners actively seek feedback from meeting-goers. In fact, 76 percent ask specific questions about all aspects of a meeting, while another 16 percent ask general questions about satisfaction.

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