Finally, Optimism Reigns

Many planners expect healthier budgets, more attendees

The business outlook for 2015 is optimistic (at least cautiously so) for 72 percent of the 173 respondents to a new M&C poll. Rising costs are a prevalent worry, but nearly half anticipate higher meeting budgets next year. What are the biggest changes -- and challenges -- planners expect in the new year? Go to for verbatim comments.





























How will the number of meetings you hold change next year?

30% More meetings
54% No change
16% Fewer meetings

How will the number of attendees change year-over-year?

 More attendees
38% No change
10% Fewer attendees

What best describes your business outlook for 2015?

 Very optimistic
58% Cautiously optimistic
16% Neutral
11% Somewhat concerned
1% Extremely concerned

What are key concerns regarding your 2015 meetings?

 Higher costs for hotels, airfare, other expenses
54% Tight budget
33% Higher occupancy/limited space for meetings
31% Unpredictable weather events
24% Domestic economic uncertainty
23% Global economic uncertainty
16% Possible spread of Ebola/other viruses
15% Perception issues related to meetings
15% Threat of terrorism
10% Union problems/strikes
7% Controversial state or local laws
6% Unemployment level

Source: M&C Research survey of 173 meeting professionals